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14 Sex Facts of Life Which are True and Unbelievable

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We all are looking over the internet about various sex facts and myths and always get confused which sex myth is true and which one is not. There are so many supporting articles available around the world that supports certain sex facts and some are against them but there are some sex facts of life which are true and unbelievable.

BuzzFeedVideo has come up with a viral video that has proved 14 sex facts of life are true which were unbelievable till now.

These 14 sex facts of life are proved to be true now:

  1. If there is no sexual activity in your life than it may reduce your penis size and with time you might actually lose it.
  2. The Founder of Kellogg’s Cornflakes believes that his cereals will reduce urge of masturbation in people that is also true now.
  3. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research has proved that Sex can make an individual more happy as compared to earning $ 100,000.
  4. Strippers can make more money while ovulating due to release of stimulating Pheremones.
  5. 42% of American Couples think that they have better chance of seeing BigFoot than climaxing at the same time.
  6. 51% of women doing crunches had Orgasms.
  7. AGALMATOPHILLIA is the main reason of attraction to statues and Mannequins.
  8. The First Documented case was registered in 1877.
  9. A man’s dominant hand is on the side of his shortest hanging testicle.
  10. You are more likely to orgasm when you have warm feet.
  11. Sperms travels at 28 miles per hour.
  12. Sperms contains anti wrinkle properties.
  13. Sperms also zinc and calcium that fights with tooth decay.
  14. One Typical sex session burns more than 144 calories.

I can’t ensure you that all these facts are correct or not so i would like to comment on these sex facts of life by scrolling below.

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