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OMG! Deepika Padukone Got Out Of Control in Hot Scene Shoot

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Deepika Padukone the most demanded beauty in the Bollywood Industry which is now making an impact in Hollywood Movies too. We all know that she is damn hot and there are millions of fans in India as well as across the world who follow here.

She is beautiful as well as the most versatile actress in Bollywood Industry. She can adjust herself in all type of roles demanded in the movies. She is getting more popular day on day. But did you ever expect that she will loose control while shooting hot scene during the film? I know you will say that no.

Here is a video from a unfamous Youtube Channel Bold Favor who figured out this video for us and which has gone viral on YouTube with 9 Million Views Isn’t it amazing.

Watch Deepika Padukone losing control on Hot Scene Shoot

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