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10 Brilliant New Years Sex Resolutions for Couples

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Hello New Year has come up and we all are setting up new year resolutions for so many things. In a survey it has been noticed that people set up new years resolutions mostly for their health, love and body that means to be in love with someone, to be more healthier and to be physically fit. But there is one thing more for which you should take a stand this time and set up new years sex resolutions. We have researched and figured out 10 Brilliant New Years Sex Resolutions for Couples. Why we came up with these resolutions because SEX is the only thing that is searched more over the internet.

We don’t say that you just see our resolutions and follow up in your life. We would suggest you to look up for what’s not working up in your sex and love life. Figure out and commit yourself by setting up few new year resolutions for couples and stick to those resolutions to make it better.

Have a look on these 10 Brilliant New Years Sex Resolutions For Couples:

Cuddle More

New Years Sex Resolutions For Couples

Snuggling with your sweetheart is one of the best thing in love life. It has endless health benefits. When you cuddle up with your love one it releases Oxytocin which is a feel good harmone that helps you improve overall health, reduce stress and lowering blood pressure. Oxytocin is also known by the name of bonding harmone. So cuddling will help you get closer to your partner and it is the best way to communicate with your partner. Cuddling help you with so many health benefits.

Take a Sex Class

New Years Sex Resolutions For Couples

Taking a class on sex will help you explore new things in your life, take an advantage of tantric puja or rope-tying course to explore new sensual and sex techniques to take home. It is not like that you should take a sex class from some expert, go to the market or library and get a book with good advice and knowledge on sex. This will give you more new ways to enjoy your sex life.

Buy New Lingerie

New Years Sex Resolutions For Couples

Try to buy some new lingerie to feel good at yourself, Wear new lingerie and try it with your partner, if he likes it than nothing is better about this. It is icing on the cake if it is loved by your partner.

Stay in Bed Longer

New Years Sex Resolutions For Couples

One of the best New Years Sex Resolutions for Couples is to Stay in Bed Longer now. This is the time of winters and you should try to stay longer in the bed so that you can spend some awake time in the bed with your partner. Discuss some good things about life, love and sex that will make your relationship more stronger.

Pump Up Your Yoga Practice

New Years Sex Resolutions For Couples

Yoga is a big changer in life. Pulling legs behind you, putting your legs behind you head, making so many positions with hands and legs will definitely spice up your life. Yoga will bring flexibility in your body that will let you try new positions in your sex life.

Try Some Role Plays in Bed

New Years Sex Resolutions For Couples

This time try to be different in bed during sex, you should try to be act as a different personality and feel that you are trying to have sex with your loved one in a new way. Play roles like submissive, fierce, dominant, playful, silly that means think about new personalities in your life and than try to bring them alive in your bed scenes is the best among all the things you are doing on bed from long time.

Masturbate More

New Years Sex Resolutions For Couples

If you don’t do it or do very often in your life than it is the time to resolve this mystery on Masturbate. Both the partners are not alike in bed and feelings as how they feel sexually and how they respond so take a resolution to try solo session more this year as by this way you can feel what you want to feel out of this. It is the best way to fall asleep, activate pelvic muscles, enjoy and to feel relax more. If you have partner than you should start with self arousal and pleasure first, this will bring new chemistry and enjoyment in your life.

Schedule Kid Free Time

New Years Sex Resolutions For Couples

Anyone have kids in their life they know how their private life has been messed up or it has gone way down. So it is also one of the best new years sex resolutions for couples and they should adopt it few times in this year. You should spend some time alone around couple of hours somewhere around the city, restaurant or in a garden so that both of you can spend some quality time to discuss about your love life and to reconnect emotionally with each other.

Bring Foreplay Back

New Years Sex Resolutions For Couples

Both men and women should go for 20 minutes of foreplay in their sex routine as it has been proved that foreplay before sex will make the intimacy much better and sex time more enjoyable as compared to others. Going down fast will not bring passion in your life so it is better to go for foreplay more. As per study an average man required 5-7 minutes to reach the climax where as an average women need 10-15 minutes to reach to the climax so this gap in between this is called as arousal gap that is why to cover up this gap you should go for more foreplay before going in. This is also one of the best new years sex resolutions for couples.

Touch New Places

new years sex resolutions for couples

At last which is also one of the best new years sex resolutions of couples is to go for touching new places. Every human body has some pleasure points that gives you more trigger than any other spots on the body whether it is biting, licking or barely pressing.

So how do you feel and what you think about these new years sex resolutions for couples, you should choose one from them or all to be adopted in your love life because love is the most important thing in everyone life and you should take a resolution about this for sure in your life.

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New year has come up and i would like to hear from you guys as how you would like to rate these 10 brilliant new years sex resolutions for couples? Please rate it.

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