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10 Most Worst WWE Injuries Ever in Wrestling History

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Hello Friends once again i am back with one more truth from the WWE Entertainment Industry. Billions of people love WWE Superstars and spend around 60 Minutes daily watching WWE matches so you can easily expect from this as how much people are crazy about WWE. People are so mad about WWE which you can’t believe that they keep on discussing about WWE Matches and Superstars on Facebook and Whatsapp. It is the one sport that has billions of people in fans list all over the world. But this sport is not an easy task, for us it is an entertainment but for the players it is worse and sometime become too worst. So i have researched and look for 10 Most Worst WWE Injuries Ever Happened in Wrestling History that you must know.

YouTube Channel WhatCulture Wrestling did a great research in the history of WWE and found the most worst WWE injuries ever. I know you are eager to watch this video for Most Worst WWE Injuries Ever, So here is the video:

Let us have a look at Worst WWE Injuries Ever:

10. Hart V Goldberg Championship Match Dec 19 1999 – Goldberg accidentally delivers a legitimate Super Kick to Bret Hart and with this kick Hart’s career comes to an end so this is one of the most worst WWE Injuries ever.

09. Bret Hart V Austin Intercontinental Championship Match Aug 3 1997 – Hart reversed the Pile Driver but botched the move, due to this Austin got left with Temporary Paralysis and Broken neck.

08. Undertaker V Mankind Hell in a Cell Match Jun 28 1998 – Foley Falls from the 22 ft height on the announcement table and took more damage than anticipated and got his arm dislocated.

07. Vader v Hansen Super card Event Dec 12 1990 – Hansen accidentally broke Vader’s nose with a bell ring.

06. 4 Way Tag Ladder Match in Armageddon for WWE Tag Team Champions Dec 17 2006 – Joey Mercury gets legitimately struck in the face by a ladder and his face got exploded.

05. S v N 4 corners match for WCW World Heavyweight Championship Jan 14 2001 – Sid Vicious was under pressure to user aerial attack to his moveset in the run up to sin. HE went with big boot from the second rope, the kick got connected but his left leg couldn’t be able to take force for the landing and it snapped into clean two.

04. Foley v Fader WCW European Tour Marc 16 1994 – The Hangman is usually a safe but dangerous looking spot in which a performer gets their head caught up in the ropes and appears to be choking. Foley didn’t know the ropers were tight, he got trapped and started choking and he forced his face to get out of it and his ear got ripped off.

03. Droz v D’Lo Brown Oct 5 1999 – D’Lo went to hit his signature running powerbomb, but didn’t get enough grip on Droz’s overly lose clothing. Droz landed on his head and immediately got paralyzed from the neck down.

02. New Jack v Grimes Mar 12 2000 –  The match was setup to finish like this where the pair dropping from the 15ft scaffold through several tables to break the fall but mistakenly they missed most of the tables and got hit with the concrete floor. New Jack got permanently blinded and mild brain damage following the incident. It is also one of the worse wwe injuries ever.

01. Sabu v Funk World Heavyweight Championship Barbed Wire Match Aug 9 1997 – Sabu attempts to hit Funk with his most famous Air Sabu Funk moves but Sabu got caught in the barbed wire. He tore up his bicep badly and you can see that muscle is fully hanging out of 11 inch gash. Instead of ending up the match, he just taped his arm up and carried on. This is one of the most daring and worst WWE Injuries ever.

So most of us think that WWE is fun but the players are always on stake of their lives, we see it as an entertainment but they play with their lives. If you really love these Top 10 Most Worst WWE Injuries Ever in the history than please hit the share button below.

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