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18 Important Things To Know Before Losing Virginity

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Virginity is a big word for every youngster who is going through his/her young age. Most of people didn’t know what actually virginity is and what needs to be called as virginity lost. On TV Show you must have seen so many first time love making or virginity losing scenes that seems like it is so easy like slow jams, smooth movements and breathless gasps but the first time IRL is totally a different beautiful mess that you will never forget in your life. So if you are looking at one step to move ahead towards losing virginity than you should look at these 18 important things to know before losing virginity.

Let’s Have a look on top 18 important things to know before losing virginity:

  1. It seems to be really hard to cum with a condom on that means first time it is very difficult to cum with condom because we are not fond of using it and never wore it earlier in life.
  2. It is damn sure that girl will definitely pee after sex for the first time. Pee will definitely come as the session comes to an end.
  3. The actual hole is lot lower where you need to insert your manhood so you must have thought it must be up and easy to do this but it is quite lower than what you think.
  4. Some people say that it doesn’t need to be with your true love but it should be with the one you care a lot.
  5. This is not important that you can lose your virginity only with man only, you could lose the same with a woman also.
  6. The first time love making or sex will only last for 30 seconds so for second round you should be prepared with hands and mouth to carry on.
  7. There is one thing named as lube and you can use it very well if you are doing for the first time that will really help you.
  8. Car is not a right place to do your first time sex to loose virginity so this is also one of the important things to know before losing virginity.
  9. Never ever used waterbeds in your first time so please remember it.
  10. Women needs to know that fluids will come out which you must have not noticed till now.
  11. Sex is not love so keep this thing out of your mind. This doesn’t mean that you are in love and it means sex only. Sex is a part of love but it is purely a love it is not correct.
  12. Whatever song was playing at that time, you are going to remember it for the whole life so choose your music or song carefully at this point of time.
  13. It is not true that blood will come surely if it is for first time, it is a myth.
  14. Don’t think how much capable you are to do this first time to loose virginity.
  15. Faking is really harder than what you think normally in your life.
  16. Don’t make an image in your mind that it is going to be really beautiful like in the movies, it is awkward actually.
  17. Some of you will come to know that i am allergic to latex and you will wish that i should come to know earlier before this.
  18. Don’t be shy and nervous, go with calm mind to explore this feeling because it will go with you for the whole life.

I think you should watch this video below from BuzzFeed Yellow that will tell you about things to know before losing virginity. Share this video as much as you can as it is really important to see and capture them.

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