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6 Kinky Sex Ideas From 50 Shades of Grey Hot Scenes You Must Adopt

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You don’t have to read the books to know the gist of this erotica saga: It’s kinky. But having read (and hated) all three books, I’m aware of the stigma that there’s a lot of not-so-great sex stuff going on. So, in light of the release of Fifty Shades Darker, I decided to take a look to see if there were any kinky sex ideas actually worth trying out at home. And guess what? We have sorted out 6 Kinky Sex Ideas From 50 Shades of Grey Hot Scenes which you will love to adopt in your life.

If you don’t accept these 6 Kinky Sex Ideas From 50 Shades of Grey Hot Scenes than it is a bet your love life is going to get bore.

1. Foreplay That Keeps Going ON

“‘Do you want to play this game?’ he continues, holding up the balls. ‘You can always take them out if it’s too much.'” —Fifty Shades Darker Book, page 127

Foreplay doesn’t have to stay in between the sheets. If you take away anything from the Fifty Shades saga, let it be the idea that continued foreplay is not only encouraged, but required. Just the possibility of sex can be as hot as the real deal! Keeping your mind focused on sex with your partner throughout the day creates a lustful bond that’s bound to end in a very good explosion.

50 Shades of Grey Hot Scenes

2. Nipple Play — With Ice

“I hear another clink of ice, and then I can feel it around my right nipple as he tugs the left one with his lips.” —Fifty Shades of Grey Book, page 194

The amount of nipple play in the saga was very … satisfying. After seeing it you become the fan of nipple play. And if you have sensitive nipples, then you already know the rush of sensation that flows from your breast all the way down to your. One of the chilling idea taken from 50 Shades of Grey Hot Scenes.

50 Shades of Grey Hot Scenes

3. Not Moving or Talking

“‘If you struggle I will tie your feet, too. If you make a noise, Anastasia, I will gag you.'” —Fifty Shades of Grey Book, page 192

Have you ever tried not moving while inching closer and closer to orgasm? It takes practice to not allow your body to pulse and move with each sweeping sensation, but once you’ve mastered the technique, holy shit, it’s so great. Think of what an orgasm basically feels like: sensations building up on top of each other over and over until you erupt. By keeping your body still, the buildup is magnified. It’s even hotter if your partner instructs you not to talk, trust me. Good going, Christian Grey.

50 Shades of Grey Hot Scenes

4. Hair-Pulling

“He gathers my hair and braids it quickly and efficiently before fastening it with the tie. He tugs my braid, pulling my head back. ‘Good thinking, Mrs. Grey,’ he whispers in my ear, then nips my earlobe.” —Fifty Shades Freed, page 112

Obviously you’ll need medium/long hair for this move, but so hot, right?! And wait! Does your partner have long hair and/or a man bun? Grip his hair and bring his face between your breasts: He’ll enjoy the view and the fact that his lady is taking complete control in the boudoir. You’ll love the new angles being reached inside you. But remember, communication is the key. Make sure you (or your partner’s) head or neck is not in any pain while firmly grabbing his hair — nothing is a bigger buzzkill than a pulled muscle in your neck. It is also best one chosen from 50 Shades of Grey Hot Scenes.

50 Shades of Grey Hot Scenes

5. Getting Creative With Bondage

“‘Look familiar?’ he asks, unable to conceal his smile. Jeez … the plastic cable ties. Restocking at Clayton’s! It all becomes clear. I gape up at him as adrenaline spikes though my body anew. Okay — that got my attention — I’m awake now.” —Fifty Shades of Grey, page 327

Don’t rush to the sex shop every time you want to be tied up. Maybe something catches your fancy during your weekend jaunt through Lowe’s. See that extension cord near the couch? That bad boy can make a mean bowline when the bondage mood strikes. A tie? Your thong? What I’m saying is, think outside the box. The spontaneity in both the sexing and the props will rev you and your partner up immediately. This is one of the best idea chosen from 50 Shades of Grey Hot Scenes.

50 Shades of Grey Hot Scenes

6. Using a T-Shirt as a Blindfold

“‘I think you’ve seen enough.’ He chuckles slyly. He sits astride me again, pulls my T-shirt up, and I think he’s going to take it off me, but he rolls it up to my neck and then pulls it up over my head so he can see my mouth and my nose, but it covers my eyes.” —Fifty Shades of Grey, page 192

Clothes make amazing blindfolds. (And good gags too!) Why take your partner’s shirt completely off when you can heighten their senses with a makeshift blindfold made from their own clothing? It’s sexy, confidence-boosting, and a little dirty. This simple move tells them their sexual prowess is so overwhelming you can’t wait the 10 extra seconds it would take to grab that blindfold off your dresser. You want them now.

50 Shades of Grey Hot Scenes

So what are you thinking up now, it is the time to adopt 50 Shades of Grey Hot Scenes in your love life. Don’t forget to share these ideas with your friends so that they can improve their love life too.

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