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Dirty Dance Video The Nanga Mujra – Most Popular Video On YouTube

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Hi Friends, Today we have brought up something different for you guys. I know we need to find stuff that is really different and entertaining. Let me ask you a simple question, how many of you know about Mujra? I did a survey in Chandigarh and out of 100 95 people know about Mujra that means it is a demanding thing in India. Today we have brought up a Dirty Dance Video for you that named as The Nanga Mujra.

Mujra is a word that we have heard so many times in the movies or people around us talking about this. If you look at the movies before 90’s, you will find this word very common in those movies like kothas, mujra dekhne jaana hai, kothe pe jaana hai.

YouTube is the most demanding platform for videos and people are looking for new stuff everyday. But there are some videos that has gone viral over the time but still people didn’t had a look at them for sure.

Let me show you Dirty Dance Video Named The Nanga Mujra that has gone viral on YouTube when it was uploaded and it remains as the Most Popular Video On YouTube.

This video is really amazing, it has crossed all the limits and i won’t understand why people make fun of Women Body and why there is no action getting take over on these kind of things. This Dirty Dance Video loved by millions of viewers so what is the fun of being educated?

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