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Exercise vs Diet – Which is More Significant to Lose Weight?

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Everyone in the world is struggling with the problem of over weight. People are getting fatty day by day because of our habits now a days. We don’t walk too much, we don’t go out for exercise and we don’t want to diet. So when we got overweight than we started thinking what is better for me Exercise or Diet? So there is always a comparison of Exercise vs Diet in the mind of people who want to lose weight.

So some of us think that Exercise is the better option to do lose weight at least i don’t have to stop having awesome food on daily basis where are some of us think that they won’t be able to do exercise where as they can go for diet. But both are not an easy task the way we think and talk about them. It is actually very difficult to stick to any of the method you want to use for lose weight. So Which is better on comparison of Exercise vs Diet? This is the biggest question in our mind.

So this video Exercise vs Diet is from YouTube Channel ASAPScience that has a clear comparison and great knowledge about this. So do not wait and watch this video right now:

There are lot of activities that can help you to burn calories like running for 20 minutes, surfing for 1 hour, singing your favorite song 23 times in a day and many more. So there was a study done on this to judge Exercise vs Diet as which one is effective and doctors has observed that Dieting has a big effect on lose weight as compared to the exercise. But if you look for long term benefits than diet and exercise should go hand in hand because diet helps you to lose weight and exercise keeps the aging factor away from us.

There are some other physical benefits of exercise so it is clear now that there is no Exercise vs Diet, it should be EXERCISE + DIET so that you get better results. Be Healthy and click the share button.

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