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This News Reporter Exposing Hot Girls on Goa Beach – Breaking News

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Breaking News is out for a News Reporter Exposing Hot Girls on Goa Beach. Goa Beaches are always famous for so many happenings, currently it is in news for the Elections going on. This reporter from So Effin Cray YouTube Channel is playing a prank on the Goa Beaches where one of their Team member is doing an awesome job of a News Reporter.

He went to Indian Girls over there and let them talk bullshit and when they talk bullshit, this anchor start exposing them on camera by proving them wrong for what hey are doing in Goa.

Same thing is happening with the Foreigners, he went to them to ask from which country they are and after visiting India which country they like most. Obviously the answer would be their native country but this News Reporter started shouting at them.

So here is the News Reporter Exposing Hot Girls on Goa Beach:

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