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Hottest Women At Oscar Awards 2017 Who Graced The Red Carpet

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The big deal about Oscars is not just about winning and loosing, it’s also about who wears what, who looked stunning, bold and gorgeous and who looked weird. This year, like every year, there were some gorgeous women who not only graced the red carpet but also walked over our hearts. Here is a list of our Hottest Women at Oscar Awards 2017 held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA who glowed like the moon this year.

Here are the Red Carpet Hottest Women At Oscar Awards 2017:

1. Emma Stone

Emma not only won the Oscar for the ‘best actress’, but also won our hearts with her dazzling look. She got this award for the movie La La Land.

Hottest Women at Oscar Awards 2017

2. Brie Larson

Gorgeous woman looking stun in this black velvet dress. She seems to be more confident with this dress to get one award for sure this time but bad luck for her.

Hottest Women at Oscar Awards 2017

3. Felicity Jones

She was shining like a diamond and look exactly like a fairy came from the heaven.  I have no other words to define this beautiful woman. Really Awesome and must be on top among the hottest women at Oscar Awards 2017.

Hottest Women at Oscar Awards 2017

4. Chrissy Tiegen

Hot, super gorgeous and smoked fire every time when she come to the red carpet. This year also she made everyone jaw open with her dress and beauty getting flourished from her dress.

Hottest Women at Oscar Awards 2017

5. Priyanka Chopra

Desi Girl stunned each and everyone when come to the Red Carpet. This woman won million of hearts throughout the world. She is the only one from Indian Bollywood Industry who is creating impact in Hollywood with her acting skills and beauty she has.Hottest Women at Oscar Awards 2017

6. Karlie Kloss

She was looking pretty in this white one piece gown and the best thing that taking attention of everyone is the blue ribbon she had around her waist. May be she is representing or standing for some noble cause.

Hottest Women at Oscar Awards 2017

7. Nicole Kidman

She might not be 25 anymore, but how she manages to look THIS hot at this age, is beyond anyone’s understanding. She is the evergreen beauty.

Hottest Women At The Oscars

8. Alicia Vikander

Simple is beautiful, and Alicia personifies that. Her flair dress that moves along with her making everyone to give a look at her. She is wearing an awesome necklace looking beautiful on her neck which is also a center of attraction.

Hottest Women at Oscar Awards 2017

9. Kirsten Dunst

She has always been a visual treat, today was nothing different. I won’t have much words to grace her beauty today but i know everyone must had a glance of her once for sure in the awards.

Hottest Women at Oscar Awards 2017

10. Scarlett Johanson

OMG! She can’t be beaten in terms of beauty and attraction. She is not hot only, we can say that she is the most attractive women in the world. Her eyes are too intoxicating that makes me die for her. Man look at her dress and the tattoo seen through, i am sure you will also say she is the one among others hottest women at Oscar awards 2017 who cannot be matched with anyone.

Hottest Women at Oscar Awards 2017

I know you don’t want to move ahead now after looking at Scarlett, so keep looking at her and support her beauty by click the share buttons below.

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