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Husband Beautiful Tribute To His Late Wife – Never Ending Love

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Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult part of life. What is the most beautiful thing in world? True Love. A true love is hard to find but it really exists somewhere. This Husband Beautiful Tribute for his late Wife is the proof that this Man True Love.

It can be incredibly difficult for those left behind to deal with a life that was taken too soon and find a way to honor their memory. Edward Hunnicutt, whose wife Elizabeth passed away at the age of just 34 years old in June 2016 after a battle with cancer, decided to create a tribute video for his wife, best friend, and soulmate.

The first part of the video documents their love story, and the second follows Hunnicutt on what he calls “the ultimate drive, one last drive.” He took her ashes to National Parks and towns around the country, spreading them in the places they loved to visit or would have wanted to visit together.

This dedicated husband released the video of his journey on December 21, his late wife’s birthday. Must watch this Husband Beautiful Tribute video for his loving life who is not more.

This video shows us what true love and triumph really looks like. SHARE it to spread their story as far as it can possibly go.

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