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You Must Check Indian Army Tanks List Ready To Battle Any Fight

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You know what is more important for the people living in a nation is their security. India is one of the biggest power in the world in terms of Defence power. There are so many enemies to India but the big ones are China and Pakistan. These two countries are continuously creating hurdles for India at LOC so that internal government will not remain stable. Recent Indo China War situation was getting worst and all were talking about Indian Army Power and Chinese Army Power. The biggest thing was in discussion was Indian Army Tanks List.

Tanks are weapons that are deadliest and can reach anywhere on the ground to hit the enemies. Tanks were and will remain an important part of any fight around the world. Whether you talk about World War 1 or World War 2 or any Indo-Pak fight or Indo-China Battle, Tanks were on the field and prove to be the most important weapons for any Army in the world.

In recent test in between Indian Tank vs Chinese Tank, Indian tank won the run test and again proved that we are better than china. Indian Army Tank Strength is far better than Pakistan Army Tanks Strength as well as Chinese Army Tanks Strength.

Let’s have a look Indian Army Tanks List which are strong enough to save us from any upcoming battle in the future.


On Top of List is Arjun MBT Tank which is one of the most deadliest weapon with Indian Army as of now. The name Arjun was taken from the most loved archer prince Arjuna from the Indian Epic Mahabharata. This is the main battle tank developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). Arjun Tank World Ranking is among Top 10 Tanks in the world.

Arjun tank has 120mm main rifled gun, one PKT 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun, and a NSVT 12.7 mm machine gun. Tank has been powered with Multi Fuel Diesel Engine Rated which is rated at 1400 HP which can achieve a maximum speed of 67 km/hr.

indian army tanks list

# T-90 Tank

This is named as Indian Army Main Battle Tank which took participation in International Army Games held in August 2017. T-90 Tank is a fleet which has been purchased from Russia. Russia is also using T-90 as Main Battle Tank.  This tank is getting upgraded with Third Generation Missile System which will achieve a DoP of 800-850 MM with a capability to hit target in 8 KM radius in day as well as in night.

Currently these tanks are equipped with laser guider INVAR Missile System which will soon get replaced with third generation Gun-Launched Missile System. It has capacity to fire from 125 MM Gun Barrels who can hit the mobile as well as static target with pre-flight programmed manoeuvres.

Indian Army Tanks List

# T-72 Ajeya Tank

This is also a Main Battle Tank which has been built by Russia and more than 1700 has been delivered by the Russia to India till date. DRDO upgraded the Ajeya with Fire Detection & Suppression System within the crew compartment. It also has been laced with 81MM Smoke Grenade Launchers mounted on the side of GPS and Turret. The new version was named as CI Ajeya and more than 250 has been upgraded with it.

indian army tanks list

If you are afraid of any battle in future than don’t worry about that; Indian Army Soldiers are best around the world. They just need our support and motivation to face any kind of threat on borders. These are the Main 3 Main Battle Tanks from the Indian Army Tanks List which has old tanks too.

We have sorted out only 3 Main Battle Tanks for which we should feel proud. If you love your country than don’t forget to hit the share buttons below.


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