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People Got Trapped With Killers in Lift Caught on CCTV

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How many of you travel through lift everyday and i know if you give a thought to it and most of you will say yes to it because Lifts are those things that has made our life easier and climbing to the building easier. Earlier we have to take stairs to reach upper levels in a building but now with evolution of lifts, it has made our life more simpler and easier. So there are benefits and losses also of lifts. The biggest loss as per study in past few years observed is that people got trapped most of the time due to some issues in the technology or in the running of lift. In recent time it has been observed that people got trapped with killers or robbers most of the time now-a-days.

To spread a message to the society and peoples in India; PRANKBAAZ has come up with one video on People Got Trapped with killers in Lift and same has been caught in CCTV. This video is dangerous so i would suggest to watch it with care.

I know you don’t want to wait anymore, let us have a look on this video of People Got Trapped With Killers.

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