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How a Perfect Date Screwed Up with A Wrong Move

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What is the most difficult thing about the first perfect date??? I think it’s the First Date for any guy. For a guy its really tough to make First Date the Perfect One.  What is the perfect Date? Especially for your first date, you need to pick the right place, can’t get late and the most important thing to look good.

Our team has picked up this video in which This guy asks a girl for the date and this way two met each other. He did everything to impress that girl- pulling the chair for her and gave compliments to her at the right time.  It was looking like a perfect date ever. Until, he screwed everything up with one wrong move. There’s no way you can predict the end to this hilarious video by Be YouNick.

Watch this amazing video on Perfect Date and you will surprised to see what happened next is hilarious:

I know after watching this video you will say that it can happen with anyone. So Beware friends. This video is a great learning for the guys who want their first date to be the Perfect one.

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