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The Undertaker Returns to WWE For WrestleMania 2016

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The Undertaker one of the most famous and undisputed King of Wrestling in the world is loved by everyone in the world. The Undertaker Returns to WWE for upcoming WrestleMania 2016 for his Hell in a Cell Match with Shane McMahon.

Shane McMahon is the grand child of McMahon who came to WWE RAW last week to ask for his right on WWE Business. He told Stephanie that the business is going into losses and you don’t know how to run this great business. He asked his DAD to give me the rights to handle WWE RAW but he got refusal and his DAD put a challenge in front of him.

The challenge posted to him to fight The Undertaker at WrestleMania 2016 and if he wins he will be heading WWE Monday night raw and if he loses than he will walk out from WWE RAW and will never look back. So this way The Undertaker Returns WWE for WrestleMania 2016.

Here is the Video from and watch what happen to the Chairman of the board when The Undertaker Returns to WWE for upcoming WrestleMania 2016

If you are a undertake fan than you must watch this video and would request you to share it with your friends by clicking the share button below as this video will let you know as what Undertaker has done with McMahon and what he told him which is really shocking.

The Undertaker is also known by the name of Dead Man, he was in the WWE from past 30 years and his fear among the WWE players is still the same. He is also one of the most famous wrestler in the world with its unique style and dead man walking theme.

People started to wait for this match that is going to be live soon in few days.

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