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Top 10 WWE Secrets That You Don’t Know Till Now

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WWE the biggest entertainment program in the world that no one misses. There are billions of fans of WWE who love to watch Wrestling everyday. This is the most earning business on TV Shows. WWE is famous for WWE RAW and WWE Smack Down. We believe what we see on the screen but there are Top 10 WWE Secrets that you don’t know and WWE never wants to reveal it to you.

TopTen Collection YouTube Channel has come up with one video that covers this story as what is the exact truth behind this. What are those WWE Secrets That WWE don’t want to reveal it to anyone.

Have a look on this video that covers those Top 10 WWE Secrets That We don’t know till now and we must know it:

This video has revealed Top 10 WWE Secrets that needs to be revealed but were never revealed:

10. WWE Pumps Noise to Taped Shows – When a wrestler comes to the show than taped shows will be played so that people sitting the arena get impacted.

9. Camera Work – Brilliant Coordination to present best shots to you on TV, all the camera mans are well connected so that they can coordinate with each other to record the best shot to present on TV

8. Referee Involvement – Referee manage the times and game, he keeps on telling the wrestlers that this much time is pending to finish the match.

7. Writing Team –  WWE has brilliant team of creative writers who keep on writing matches in advance so that people are more connected and entertained.

6. Blading – where wrestlers cut himself to bleed

5. Scripted Promos – All promos are pre-scripted.

4. Weapons – All the weapons are real that get used in match.

3. Commentators talks to Vince on the air to take instructions from him during the match.

2. Storylines Written Months in advance

1. Determining What Goes on in a Match

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