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Top 15 Facts About Erections Which Are Really Unbelievable

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All guys know everything about the female body – how to figure out the big – O, the best foreplay techniques to make her go crazy in bed. You should know as what to do in bed and what not to do in bed, but do you know enough about your own little soldier which needs to be a king of this game? Here are Top 15 facts about Erections every man must know!

Facts About Erections Every Man Need To Know

1. Can dead people get erection? Yes. When a man hangs himself to death, blood rushes into his penile tissue because of gravity and makes it hard. It is called ‘angel lust’.

2. Sometimes, erections are involuntary. You can get hard for absolutely no reason. Now that explains all those awkward boners in our teenage years.

3. It is possible to have orgasms without even getting an erection!

4. Penis fractures are for real! Rough sex can lead to blood vessels in the penis to explode, the penis turning purple in color and eventually breaking! Once fractured, it takes about 6 weeks for a penis to heal.

5. Almost half of your penis is hidden inside your body. If you press down on your perineum when you’re erect, you’d even be able to feel the concealed part of your penis. So, technically, you’re actually double the size you think you are!

top 15 facts about erections

6. A lot of mammals except horses and humans actually have bones in their boners!

7. There are three types of erections. Erections caused by fantasies are called psychogenic, those caused by physical touch are reflexogenic and the involuntary ones are called nocturnal erections.

8. You gotta stop touching yourself down there so often because studies suggest that the less you play with your member, the more erect you get when you’re actually having sex with someone!

9. The correct way to know your penis length is to measure it from the tummy side to the tip!

10. While long penises expand to only 47 per cent, the shorter ones expand up to 86 per cent when hard.

top 15 facts about erections

11. A man set up a world record for 6 consecutive orgasms in just 36 minutes without going limp even once.

12. Good sleep leads to better erections. So, go, catch some sleep!

13. Jonah Falcon holds the world record for the largest erect penis. His penis is a monstrous 9.5 inches long when flaccid and 13.5 when erect!

14. The average man gets about 11 erections every day.

15. To get hard, an average penis needs about as much blood as 4 shots of whiskey.

So man isn’t these facts are amazing. Did you know about these facts earlier, No! So there are lot of people like us who won’t know so it is the time to share these Top 15 Facts About Erections with them.

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