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Top 3 Picking Up Girls & Kissing Prank Gone Sexual

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Hello Friends, We love to watch content on the internet that makes us laugh and happy. We keep on looking for best content on YouTube and Internet. So there is always hard to find a video that entertains you or make you happy most of the time. So when we talk about this kind of entertainment than it is clear that we most are talking about Pranks. So in the category of pranks, picking up girls and kissing pranks are the most famous pranks all over the world.  So top 3 picking up girls and kissing prank gone sexual is the most viral video on YouTube. So this prank on picking up girls & Kissing Prank Gone Sexual.

So ScreenHumor has come up with a combination of 3 pranks videos that is based on picking up girls and Kissing Prank Gone Sexual.

In the first part of the video which is based on a bet between a girl and this man that if he tells the correct count of Instagram followers than he will get kiss in exchange of that and if his guess is wrong than you cal slap me on my face. This seems to be the most viral kissing prank gone sexual.

In the second part if any girl is ready to have chocolate paste on her butt cheek and let him lick it than he will give that lady $20 as a tip and it was noticed that lot of girls were agreed and he had a lot of fun.

In the third part he pass through the road and he picked up any girl and ask simple question that do you think i am attractive and if girl say yes than he ask her to kiss and he never give a single minute to think and kissed them. So this is the most aggressive and bold kissing prank gone sexual.

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