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Top 5 Movies With Most Romantic Sex Scenes Will Leave You Breathless

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What makes a sex scene legitimately sexy? Is it chemistry? Is it realism? Is it showing (more than a little) skin? Rather than attempt to define what makes a sex scene successful, rounded up sensuous moments. At face value, they have little in common, other than actors doing their best to fake an orgasm (and sometimes not even that), but each is titillating in its own way. From foreign cinema classics to indie films to mass-market sensations, these are the hot and most romantic sex scenes from Movies ever to grace the screens.

Let’s start list of Top 5 Movies With Most Romantic Sex Scenes

5. Carol (2015) (Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett)

Todd Haynes’ drama of forbidden romance is all about what goes unsaid, constrained to glances and meaningful gestures. When innocent Therese (Rooney Mara) and knowing Carol (Cate Blanchett) stop for the night at a hotel, they dispense with words and let their bodies do the talking, expressing with touches what society won’t let them verbalize. But before they give in to a passionate yet delicate intimacy, Carol takes a moment to admire the bare body of her lover.

4. The Boy Next Door (Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman)

Although we later find out that the “boy next door” isn’t just a sexy young thing, but instead a psycho-stalker, there’s no denying that I had to bite my lip a few times during this scene.

3. Pretty Woman (Julia Roberts and Richard Gere)

There’s not a single doubt that Pretty Woman is one of the classics. While this movie was good in general, this super sexy and romantic sex scene was a major part of the plot as we watch Vivian gravitate to the idea of love and sex that’s real and intimate — unlike anything else she’s experienced as a hooker.

2. Set It Off (Blair Underwood and Jada Pinkett-Smith)

Jada Pinkett-Smith and Blair Underwood was deserving of national recognition alone. Since seeing this movie as an adult, I’ve forever fantasized about the sensation of erotic oils met with the touch of cold gold chains slinking down into the crevices of my butt. However, this wasn’t the only movie Jada “set it off” in with fiery-hot passion in the 90s! Jason’s Lyric … hello?! That movie was the very definition of a sexy romance.

1. The Notebook (Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams (This is one of the Most Romantic Sex Scenes)

The Notebook — would be the first on this list, as it’s by far one of the most romantic movies to date, and that includes the passionate sex. The passion and desire that two shared in this scene felt so authentic and despite the issues they had on set, there was definitely a real-life spark there since the pair went on to date after filming on and off for four years. And it doesn’t hurt that Ryan Gosling is pretty damn sexy.

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