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Top 5 World Sex Records That Actually Exist

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Hi Guys! We all are looking for various world records made till now and the most famous record holder company is Guinness World Records. There are so many different categories on the basis of which people have booked world records. So let me tell you there are TOP 5 World Sex Records That Actually Exist and really we can’t believe on these Sex Records That Actually Exist so easily. I would have checked with other sources also but really these weirdest sex records will really amaze you when you will read this article seriously.

Let me take you to these sex records that actually exist:

Most Orgasm In An Hour

Top 5 World Sex Records That Actually Exist

You must be furious with the title but it is true that this has been recorded and tracked by the doctors from the Center for Martial and Sexual Studies. They have recorded that one woman enjoyed more than 134 orgasms that too in a duration of one hour where as the male counterpart orgasm count is just 16. Really it is one of the best sex records that actually exist on earth.

Most Expansive Penis Museum

Top 5 World Sex Records That Actually Exist

This record goes to an Icelandic Phallological Museum in Reykjavik of Iceland that hosts around 300 penises. This museum was founded in 1977 and collection is from different members or species from Animal Kingdom that includes Hamster and 92 other species. Isn’t it crazy?

Most Bras Removed in One Minute

Top 5 World Sex Records That Actually Exist

It is also weird but it is one among the sex records that actually exist. Thomas Vogel currently holds a world record for removing 56 bras in one minute. The most interesting part is that he unhooked all these bras with only one hand. Isn’t it impressive?

Biggest Sex Party in the World

Top 5 World Sex Records That Actually Exist

In Japan, 250 couples came under one roof of a big warehouse to make love in front of everyone. A professional film crew taped these 500 STD Free Amateur videos on a DVD that voyeurs buy and enjoy everywhere.

World’s Strongest Vagina

Top 5 World Sex Records That Actually Exist

A woman named Tatyana has been declared as a woman with strongest vagina in the world. She has this unique ability to uplift 31 pounds of weight with her vagina. She revealed that she has been doing Kegel Exercises for more than 20 years, she also claimed that it makes sex pleasurable.

I have collected this video from World 5 List and would like you guys to go through this once for sure:

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