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Top 7 Facts About G-Spot You Should Know To Reach It

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How many of us know about G-Spot and the answer would be 50:50 as the people who read articles online about Sex life, knows about G-Spot but who didn’t spend time on this Spot than they don’t know about it. G-Spot is familiar but real name of G-Spot is Grafenberg Spot which is the most sensual and erogenous area of the vagina which every men want to reach. It is not an easy task to reach G-Spot while doing sex, if you have to hit the spot than you need to know about these TOP 7 FACTS ABOUT G-Spot.

top 7 facts about g-spot

So here are the list of Top 7 Facts About G-Spot that you should really know it if you have to hit it:

  1. Do You know why we call it G-Spot as it is first discovered by a Gynecologist from Germany whose name is Ernst Grafenberg whereas in Tantra Sex we call it as a Sacred Spot which means the most enjoyable part in the women.
  2. No one knows that it is for real or not – some says that it is for real and some says it is there. Lot of studies are done on this so doesn’t matter it exists or not.
  3. The Third fact from these Top 7 Facts About G-Spot is that most of women complains that they don’t feel it but studies revealed that it differs from women to women on basis of sensitivity level over there.
  4. G-spot has a specific location – this is also not correct lot of studies says different things, some says it is on front wall inside 3 inches and some says it is on top just inside the wall.
  5. It needs direct simulation – research has revealed that if woman is on top than she takes the charge and she can test as how to do it so that she gets more satisfaction and this gives an opportunity to reach it.
  6. It gets bigger when you turned on –  this area expands when you arouse more that spots become bigger. That is why is is said that foreplay is more important during the sex.
  7. G-Spot may be the part of clitoris – some research has described that it is in the outer wall of the clitoris that means it is an actual part of the clitoris.

Here is the video that describes you more about these Top 7 Facts About G-Spot

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