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Unbelievable Facts About Science of Boobs

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Hello Everyone.

I hope all of you are fine, few days back i have written an article on 6 Unbelievable Interesting Facts about Boobs and that article has gone viral. So you must have known about these interesting facts about boobs but there is a great science of boobs that we have missed so far. Science of boobs has disclosed some amazing facts which we did not know till date and when you know about it, i am damn sure that you will definitely share this article more and more with your friends and loved ones.

So let me tell you some great facts on science of boobs:

The Science of boobs

Do you know that blood transform into milk that contains Protein, Sugar and Fat which is very essential for the growth of baby. We know that milk comes automatically but very less of us know that blood converts into milk.

Do you know that breast has come up with so many shapes, breasts size is mostly depends on the weight of body, More weight means bigger breast and less weight means small breast.

Do you know that one boob is always bigger than the other, it is also one of the science of boobs that declares that hormonal activity is the main reason behind this asymmetry. The production of estrogen and progesterone changes the size of one boob from another.

Do you know that both men and women has mammary glands but only women has developed it to the full size. In females the areola on the boob has the science of keeping the nipples lubricated for baby that makes baby tastes yummy.

Do you know that nipples has so many small pores and when baby takes the nipple in mouth it sends the message to the mother’s brain to release Oxytocin and continue production of prolactin that produces milk for the baby.

Do you know that cry of a baby sends message to the mother’s mind to release the milk to the breasts whether the cry from same mother baby or from any other baby.

Do you know that men are more attracted to medium size breasts, in 2014 3,00,000 surgeries are done in a year to increase the size of breasts so that men should be more attracted to them.

the science of boobs

Do you know that sucking nipples stimulates and arousal of sex in 82% of women and 52% of men that is also one of the best science of boobs.

Do you know that Breast Cancer is one of the biggest cancer disease in North America, the main reason behind this is due to production of more estrogen in the human body.

I know all these points above make you more curious to know all these things in details, so why to wait for that; watch this video below from ASAP SCIENCE on The Science of Boobs.

Here is the video on The Science of Boobs. Watch and Share it now:


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