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What Pakistani Girls Think About India is Really Amazing

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Hello Friends today we are going to discuss What Pakistani Girls think about India?, Most of us in India and around the world know about Pakistan and India rivalry. Politicians in both the countries take benefit of this by using this topic for their politics play around the world. So fight between India and Pakistan for Kashmir is not going to end.

So many years has been passed out working on this but no solution has come up. India will never leave Kashmir and Pakistan will never try to stop creating issues on name of Kashmir. So who is taking benefit, politicians are taking benefit of this, other countries are taking benefit of this but who is suffering from this, have you ever thought about it i should say never.

What pakistani girls think about india 2

So this is the time to think about it because it is the general public who is suffering from all of this. So do you know What Pakistani Girls Think About India? I should say no one of us because we never visited there and don’t have the guts to ask this question to anyone over there.

So this manĀ Kevin Shah has done a great work on visiting Pakistan Lahore School and raising the debate topic over there to represent Pakistan and What Pakistani Girls think about India. So the answers and debate which was recorded in this video is really amazing and shocking because you could never expect that this kind of knowledge is getting imparted to the students in Pakistan but instead of that too they still have a different vision about their country and about India.

So have a look on this video that will let you know What Pakistani Girls Think About India which will amazed you for sure:

So what you think now, isn’t it amazing the general public in Pakistan knows the truth as their government is spending money on atom bombs but whereas their government is not able to fulfill basic needs.

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