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World’s Top 10 Worst Countries For Sex Tourism

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Sex is the most loved and most searched word over the internet. People keep on searching new things about Sex so that they can enjoy it. People around the world when get time to go for holidays they would like to go to a place where they can explore their sexual desires. So most of the countries in the world are working more on Sex Tourism now a days because the more tourists come, the more international income will come to their country because people are going to spend huge money on travel and tourism. So if you are planning for holidays or you are looking for sex tourism than you should have a look on these worst countries for sex tourism.

Let us have a look on these top 10 worst countries for sex tourism:

United States

worst countries for sex tourism

Prostitution is illegal in US except for some rural areas of Nevada; So Nevada has become a sex tourist destination for some Americans. Several popular cities in US are also known as domestic sex tourist destinations despite legal sanctions on prostitution. But SEX is too costly over here and you have to spend lot of money to reach there and go for it due to high taxes due to illegal laws about this.


worst countries for sex tourism

German, France, England are boring places around the world, these places are good to visit and enjoy lavish holiday over there but not much oriented about prostitutes and these places do have but prices are high, that’s the biggest reason tourists do not prefer to visit these countries for Sex Tourism.


worst countries for sex tourism

Arabian ladies wear garments which will be known as Burqa that reveals beauty needs to be hidden and it is only for their husbands not for the general public to view on. Their main motto is not get in touch with any strange men so we call this country as one of the worst countries for sex tourism.


worst countries for sex tourism

In India these two places are perfect for sex which are Kolkatta and Delhi Red Light Area the most famous one with the name of GB Road , Both places has alleys full of brothels with over 130,000 prostitutes to choose from. You can choose a prostitute with your choice and cost is very low. Despite of the reason prostitution in India is not legal, it is marked as the highest business area for sex prostitution all around the world. They also have a high HIV rate so if this is where you end up you should probably wear at least 3 condoms.


worst countries for sex tourism

For tourists sex, Thailand is the perfect, easiest and cheapest place or country to navigate and procure sex. Thailand is filled with temples and natural beaches, but this country is known for the highest number of sex industry workers in the world. Bangkok’s well known places like Patpong area which is a red-light district area popular for tourists bars and sex shows. Pattaya and Phuket also have red light areas. Though prostitution isn’t strictly legal in Thailand. In the late seventieth tourists expanded to various geographical region. Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Shangri-la, Bali – they are very stylish and thanks to their low value of various services together with sex.


worst countries for sex tourism

Philippines prostitution is illegal, it’s very easy for locals and visitors to find prostitutes at bars and massage parlors. Manila and Boracay are few of the most popular destinations in the Philippines.
Olongapo City and Angeles City are the only two places where you can find cheap, hot, sizzler and sexy prostitutes in adult age who are interested in sex tourism, Please visit these places but the sex is not safe over here because STD ratio is high over there.


Top 10 Worst Countries for Sex Tourism

Amsterdam is more famous for sex tourism in the world . It’s legal as well as regulated by the government which is relatively safe. The Red Light District of Amsterdam is full of brothels, hot girls of every age, drug shops and even live sex shows. Couple dances in the stage and has missionary sex, then doggy style sex. Girls smokes a cigarette from her vagina.

Cost Rica

worst countries for sex tourism

Costa Rica is one of the most famous travel destinations in the world with beautiful wildlife, beaches and rain forests. It’s also one of the largest sex tourism destinations in the world. All the Americans and Canadians would like to go there and spend money for their holidays and sex tourism but again it is not cheap over there, it is too costly.


worst countries for sex tourism

In African continent Kenya is the only country where sex tourism starts and ends. Most shocking thing about Kenya is that more than 1.5 million people infected with HIV that means AIDS. Despite of this; It is surprising that tourists looking for sex keep coming back to this place again and again. Be careful when you are going to sex with Kenyan prostitutes, you have to use minimum 15 condoms each time you pay for sex. So it is one of the worst countries for sex tourism and it stands top on the list.


worst countries for sex tourism

Most famous place in Brazil is Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza for sex tourism, It is legal and it basically attracts carnival-goers, honeymooners, and soccer fans, as well as party-centric tourists.
Brazil government increased the sex tourism from last few months to attract new tourists due to preparation for the 2016 Olympics.

Isn’t it amazing that from one side it seems like these are the best place for sex tourism and on the other hand these are the worst countries for sex tourism. What you think about this, please post your comments below and help your friends with sharing this article with them.

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